Message from Pastor

Thanks for visiting the New Testament Baptist Church website.  If you are looking for a church that promotes Old Time Christianity, you’ve found it.  We still use the King James Bible to preach and teach from, and sing the old songs.  We believe church ought to be like it used to be!  Our services are alive with the Spirit of the Lord.  Our people are friendly and welcoming.  Why don’t you come by and check us out, you might find a home!

If you are searching for a church, believe me, I know that can be a difficult process.  There are many churches that have changed to a contemporary style of worship.  We are glad to say we haven’t. When we visited churches, we surprisingly found some not very friendly.  During my many years of pastoring, when people moved away and said they couldn’t find a church, I found that hard to believe.  Unfortunately, we found out that to be true.  When we left West Virginia,  we started looking for churches that still worshipped the old time way and used the KJV Bible, but the choices were few. 

Let us make your search for an old fashioned church easy.  Come and check us out.  You might just find the church home you have been looking for and thought you couldn’t find.  We have Sunday School classes for all ages.  We have a new nursery to help with the babies.  We have a junior church for the children on Sunday morning.  During the school year, on Wednesday evening, we have Kings Kids and T.RA.C (Teens Redeemed And Called) programs for the kids.  We still have preaching and teaching on Sunday and Wednesday evening.  Come on and check us out.

If you are unsaved, not sure of your salvation, left a church because you got hurt, discouraged, need to find some friends, or looking to start coming to church, join us at NTBC.  We’d be glad to have you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at  There is a link on this site for your email.  I look forward to seeing you at NTBC!

Thanks again for visiting our website!


Pastor Mike