Where we stand        

New Testament Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental and premillennial Baptist church.  We use the King James Version of the Bible in all of our Sunday school classes and from the pulpit. “Preaching Christ, Reaching the World” is our mission statement.  We desire for the Gospel to be proclaimed both here and around the world.  What our community, our city and our world needs is Jesus Christ. We believe that tomorrow’s future begins with the teaching and training of today’s youth.  Our desire is for each child to know Christ personally and to increase that relationship through a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  As adults, the believer should continue to mature in his faith. We believe the Lord’s return is soon and the believer needs to watch for His coming.  Each service has soul-stirring music and Spirit-led preaching.  We believe the Bible is the standard for conduct in this sin-filled world and we take seriously its command to come out from the world and live a separated life. In today’s world of contemporary Christianity, we strive to practice a Godly walk.  We do not compromise with the ecumenical movement or any other organization that seeks to tear down the foundations of faith.

Where we came from

In 1973, a handful of people being sent out of Bethel Baptist Church in Fort Pierce, came to Okeechobee with a burden to start a thriving Bible centered church to reach the community of Okeechobee with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They knew that the work would be hard, but that the need was great. Throughout the years God has done many amazing things in and through NTBC. We have seen multitudes of souls saved, many lives changed, & scores of missionaries supported. We have watched as God has brought us from a small building out on a dairy farm to a beautiful facility which has been used greatly for the work of the Gospel ministry. God truly has “hath done all things well.”.  

Where we are going

Today NTBC has grown into a growing & thriving ministry filled with people from all walks of life, who have a great love for their Lord, each other & the world around them. Our desire as it has been from the beginning is to reach out to every person we possibly can with the Love of Christ. We believe that the job of the local church is to be “…the pillar and ground of the truth.” (II Tim. 3:15). In doing this we have great plans of building additional new adult Sunday School classes, getting involved in different community activities, supporting new missionaries, & going through every other door that the Lord will open for us. Won’t you come and bring your family to be a part of a church that is going forward for the Glory of Jesus Christ!