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Our Missionaries

Bob and Annie Evangelisto - Mexico

Bob Evangelisto grew up as a missionary kid in Arizona and then attended and graduated from Trinity Baptist college. He lived in Florida before moving to Haiti as a school teacher for a missionary family. After Haiti, He moved back to Florida and founded the Mexican Missions Program for his local church. The main focus was to establish night and day prayer for the people of Mexico. It wasn't long before this led him to become a missionary to Mexico. Accompanied by his wife, Annie, they make a great team sharing the gospel of Christ.

Ted and Kathy Beniquisto - Southeast Asia

Ted and Kathy are missionaries to missionaries serving in the area of Southeast Asia. Their 30 years establishing churches and training national pastors have given them a lifetime worth of knowledge that they now travel and share with other missionaries.

Carl and Kaitlen Moffet - Caribbean

Carl and Kaitlen are fully supported from our church family. Kaitlen, a former military linguist, translates for Carl in the 10 different cultural dialects for the Caribbean area. Carl in his own right holds a Doctorate in Theology and a Masters in missions outreach through the Christ School of Ministry University.

Barney and Betty Rubble -  Belgium

The Rubble's mission is to equip and train nationals who will serve churches as Pastors. Traveling across the central European countryside they offer English classes and Bible education to rural churches and national pastors.

The Kendoa Family - Africa

Children of missionaries in Tanzania, East Africa, the Kendoa family live and minister in Kendali, a predominately Muslim region. Their primary goal is to train and mobilize local pastors in the city and rural areas. Virginia will soon be launching a new course of literacy study as well as life skills training for the pastors' wives. Their children, David, Lilly and Rose are a delight to be near and all play the piano quite well.