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Our Church History

In January of 1973, Bro. Jimmy Prevatt confided in his sister (Elaine) that God was calling him to start a mission in Okeechobee.

On March 27, 1974, we held our first church service in Bro. Jimmy’s house. Bethel Baptist Church extended their support to us, and the New Testament Baptist Mission was born.

For a while we met in various homes. Finally we managed to rent our first building. We rented a space in what was known as the Old Markham Building, and I do mean old. After painting and fixing it up, it could best be described as ugly, and when it rained outside, it poured inside.

God blessed, however, and sent two faithful Christian men and their families, Bro. Paul Howell and Bro. Malcolm Carter.

After a few months there God opened the doors again and we moved once more to what was known at that time as the McArthur Chapel on Highway 70 East.

On June 11, 1976, New Testament Baptist Mission became New Testament Baptist Church.

On June 7, 1977, Bro. Jimmy Prevatt resigned, and on July 14, 1977, Bro. Malcolm Carter, who had recently surrendered to the ministry in our church, was called as pastor.

On September 8, 1979, Bro. Paul Howell was ordained as our first deacon.

On January 15, 1979, Bro. Carter resigned and in January 1980, Bro. Darrell Weaver came to be our pastor.

In 1988, Bro. Weaver resigned and in 1989, Bro. Doug Turberville was called to pastor.

In 1991, Bro. Turberville resigned and in November of 1991, Bro. Danny Fouraker was called as pastor.

In 1998, Bro. Fouraker resigned and Bro. Al Wentzel was called to pastor.
In 2000, Bro Wentzel resigned and Bro. Steve Dulin became pastor. Bro. Dulin stayed about a year.

In April of 2002, Bro. Jim Gilbert was voted in as pastor and officially took the pulpit the second Sunday of June 2002.

On May 20th, 2007, we dedicated their new church and fellowship at their new location.

Now in 2014, the church has expanded once again to farther the cause of Christ.

These events are only a few highlights of the first 40 years at New Testament Baptist Church. There is no way to cover all the special services we have had, the joys and blessings we have known. There is no way to count the lives that have been touched and changed by the Lord through this church.

New Testament Baptist Church is looking to the future (“press toward the mark”). We are so excited to see the great things that God has in store for NEW TESTAMENT BAPTIST CHURCH the next 40 years, if the Lord doesn’t call us home.