Whether you’re hungry for God’s word; lost, hurt, lonely, full of questions or looking for an Independent Baptist Church home… there’s a place for you at New Testament Baptist Church in Okeechobee.

Small Baptist Church with a Big Heart

It is our desire here, at New Testament Baptist Church in Okeechobee, that you come worship with us, singing God’s praises in songs, hymns and spiritual songs. Learn more about how God is working here in our Baptist Church in Okeechobee. It is also our desire that as you hear God’s Word preached from the pulpit, you will come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and see life in a fresh, new way.

Old Time Religion

God’s Way

Salvation through Jesus Christ is first and foremost here at New Testament Baptist Church in Okeechobee… but that’s not all. We strive to have a vibrant discipleship helping Christians grow in knowledge and faith. We focus on the time honored teaching of the Authorized King James Bible that has been time tested and cherished through the ages. God has used this wonderful book to change lives, repair families, lift the spirits, train the follower, convict the sinner and found this great nation where we worship and serve.

Just east of the overpass, off of US 70